Services we offer

Muddy Paddy

A dog is a part of the family. You need to know that you are entrusting that part of your family to someone who will care for them, keep them safe, entertain them and excercise them to the very best of their ability. That is precisely what we aim to offer every time we care for a dog.

We understand how difficult it is to have to work all day with one or more dogs at home, craving company and exercise. We want to help both you and your dog and we offer a range of services to best suit your requirements.

For our dog walking services we will arrange to come to your house at a time that is convenient for you so we can meet with each other and make sure that we are right for you and that your dog is going to fit into the pack well. We firmly believe that an important part of a dog's socialisation and exercise time is that it needs to be spent with other dogs. Our own dogs and/or clients' dogs will be present on walks so everyone gets the most out of the time. We don't offer half hour sessions as we believe that it does not give enough time to let the dogs stretch their legs properly.

For our day care and home boarding services we will arrange for you to come to our home at a time that is convenient for you so, again, we can meet with each other and make sure that we are right for you and that your dog is going to fit into the pack well, but also so you can see that our house is going to be a pleasant and safe environment for your dog to spend their time in.

Our home boarding service is only available to our regular walking or day care clients due to our young sons and the need for us to be completely familiar with your dog before we can feel comfortable with them staying with us overnight. It also means that your dog will already be familiar with us, our dogs, our home and other clients' dogs when they come to stay, so they experience none of the anxiety that so often comes with a stay in kennels.

Please note that we cannot walk bitches that are in heat, nor have them in day care or home boarding until they have finished being in season. Also, we cannot look after dogs that demonstrate aggression as it is not fair on the other dogs, who just want to excercise and play with other friendly dogs.

  • Bronze: Dog walking - one hour per day
    Generally, the going rate for an hour's dog walking is £10 to £15 but we charge £12 before any discounts are applied for what would normally be upwards of 1.5 hours of company with at least an hour walking. There is no charge for the additional time with your dog while we pick them up or drop them off, or the time taken to dry their paws, etc. as we will never leave a dog in a bad condition. All hugs are free.
    All dogs wear an additional collar which holds a small GPS device. This means that should a dog manage to run off they cannot be completely lost as their position can be tracked. There is no extra charge for this.
  • Silver: Dog walking - two hours per day
    Your dog will enjoy all of the benefits of our bronze level, with the addition of a second walk that day. This gives them twice the exercise, companionship and affection for just one and a half times the cost.
  • Gold: Day care
    Take your dog's day to another level! Your dog can spend up to 11 hours as a part of our family in our home. They will enjoy at the very least two hour's walking in the company of their doggy friends during that time.
    Our gold sessions run any time from 07:30 at the earliest to 18:30 at the latest, with you dropping off and picking up any time between then (as long as it fits in with other pick ups, drop offs and walks). You dropping off or picking up outside of these times may be possible by special arrangement. As long as you live within the area that we cover, we can pick up or drop off your dog from your home if that works better for you.
  • Diamond: Home boarding (exclusive to our regular walking or day care clients only)
    No need to worry about your dog being shut away in kennels while you are away. Instead you can rest assured that they will be enjoying all the benefits of our day care service plus even more play and affection in the evening. They will sleep in our home wherever they feel most comfortable (apart from upstairs as that is reserved just for our dogs) and adhering to your own house rules. All feeding and administration of medication, where applicable, will be handled as if you were doing it yourself.
    We have passed recurring inspections by the local district council and are licensed to board up to three clients' dogs at a time. You can be sure your dog is in safe hands.
    Please note that due to having small children in the house we are only able to offer home boarding to existing clients so we are completely familiar with the dog(s) to be accommodated.
    A single diamond session lasts up to 24 hours from you dropping off or us picking up your dog.
  • Pick up and drop off service
    Dogs in Faringdon can be picked up and dropped off for free. To help cover the additional costs involved, a charge of £1 each way will be charged for travelling up to 3 miles from Faringdon and £2 each way for travelling out to the extent of our area, which is 5 miles from Faringdon. Even this service is included in the regular client reward, though, meaning that every 10th journey/pair of journeys is completely free.
    We currently have a special deal for Shrivenham and Watchfield where the pick up and drop off costs are half their normal rate. Once we have a few more clients in Shrivenham and Watchfield pick ups and drop offs will be free there, just like in Faringdon.
  • Online tracking
    All dogs wear small GPS tracking devices when out walking which means if they manage to run off they can't get themselves lost. With the equipment itself and the ongoing service costs, we have spent thousands of pounds on our tracking equipment to get what we believe is the best solution available, though none of these extra costs are passed on to our clients.

Rewards and discounts

There are four rewards and discounts that we offer:

  • Regular client reward
    Our regular client reward means that for each service you use, the 10th session will be completely free of charge. This is equivalent to getting a 10% discount on all our services, and is illustrated in the prices listed below.
  • Successful recommendation reward
    When you recommend us to a friend and they use our service at least 5 times you will get one of your service sessions completely free of charge.
  • Additional dog discount
    All of our services have discounted rates for additional dogs from the same household, ranging from 20% to 25% off. Please see the price table below for the discounted rates applicable to each service.
  • Limited mobility discount
    The costs of our services reflect the dedication we have to providing the best possible service we can. As a way of giving a helping hand to those unable to exercise their dogs as they would like to themselves, we offer one hour dog walks at even greater discounted rates to people with limited mobility. Where this discount is requested Big Paw Dog Care Ltd will confirm applicability before services start. Due to their already heavily discounted rates (a third off the standard rates), the regular client reward does not apply to these sessions.


We will provide you with invoices via email on a weekly or monthly basis (whichever is your preference), giving you a full breakdown of the charges, rewards and discounts applied. We require payment to be made in advance, preferably via online bank transfer, though we do accept cash and cheques (with an additional handling fee) where necessary.

Please note that all of the prices listed below are for non-bank holiday Monday to Fridays. We will, however, consider any requirements outside of these times for regular clients. We want to help out, where possible.

Service Standard cost Average cost with regular client reward Discounted cost for those with limited mobility
Bronze: Dog walking - one hour per day £12.00 £10.80 £8.00
Bronze: Additional dog from same household £9.00 £8.10 £6.00
Silver: Dog walking - two hours per day £18.00 £16.20 n/a
Silver: Additional dog from same household £14.00 £12.60 n/a
Gold: Day care (per day) £24.00 £21.60 n/a
Gold: Additional dog from same household £19.00 £17.10 n/a
Diamond: Home boarding (per 24 hours) £30.00 £27.00 n/a
Diamond: Additional dog from same household £24.00 £21.60 n/a
Pick up and drop off service (each way) within Faringdon FREE FREE FREE
Pick up and drop off service (each way) within Great Coxwell £0.50 £0.45 £0.45
Pick up and drop off service (each way) within Shrivenham/Watchfield £1.00 £0.90 £0.90
Pick up and drop off service (each way) within 3 miles of Faringdon £1.00 £0.90 £0.90
Pick up and drop off service (each way) within 5 miles of Faringdon £2.00 £1.80 £1.80

For example: a family with two dogs want them walked for one hour per day, Monday to Friday on an ongoing basis. They would benefit from both our additional dog discount and regular client reward, meaning they would pay an average of;
(((£12.00 + £9.00) * 9 payments) / 10 days) / 2 dogs = £9.45 per dog per day.

Phew, it's like maths lessons all over again! Don't worry, though, we do all that for you so you'll know exactly what you'd be paying before we start.

If you need to cancel a session, doing so with at least 72 hours' notice will mean the full charge will be credited back to you. A cancellation fee may be levied within that period, such that giving 72 to 48 hours' notice may mean you will be credited two thirds of the session charge, giving 48 to 24 hours' notice may mean you will be credited one third of the session charge and no credit may be issued if less than 24 hours' notice is given. Cancellation fees may be waived depending on the circumstances and this is at the discretion of Big Paw Dog Care Ltd.